64 Yogini Temple


Hirapur is a little town found only 15 Kms from Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa. The 64 Yogini sanctuary situated here stands as a great case of the love of the awesome mother in old India. The Lalitha Sahasranama, one of the essential writings of the Shakta convention, names the Goddess as "Maha Chathushahsti Koti Yogini Gana Sevitha". The importance of this is "The awesome Goddess who is served by 64 Crore Yoginis". The Bramhanda Purana likewise says that for each 1 crore yoginis there is a boss Yogini. Wherever a Chandi Havan or Yagna is directed extraordinary puja is led to these yoginis. This sanctuary situated among lavish fields, is committed to those 64 Yoginis with the Goddess Mahamaya or Chandi Devi in the inside. This sanctuary is open at the best and is round fit as a fiddle. The aesthetic magnificence is awesome. Locally, it is known as "Mahamaya Mandir". This was all amusing, for antiquated designers envisioned the sanctuary as the leaning back body of a lazy lady with her womb (garbha) lodging the revered god. Sanctuaries were engineering festivity of erotic nature and fruitfulness that tested the ascetic sterility of Buddhist viharas. Truth be told, a thousand years prior, before the working of the terrific sanctuary buildings of India devoted to male divinities, for example, Vishnu and Shiva, before the landing of Islam that favored an immaterial God, India saw sanctuaries solely committed to womanhood — the roundabout sanctuaries of the yoginis.