Kalinga Mahostav

Odisha was known by kalinga the lord Ashok was celebrated for this kalinga war, he was the ruler of maurya tradition after this war he was changed his way of life. He turned into a changed man from this place as he understood the void of his triumph. A Buddhist priest named Upagupta assist him with enlightening peace over sword.

Kalinga Mahostav is an extraordinary and amazinious celebration for a wide range of visitor most plausible senior national and nonnative resemble to watch this at this Festival in Odisha (Orissa). You can see live execution of specialists from various Arts of India, as Chhow and Paika from Odisha (Orissa), Kalaripayattu from Kerala, Thang Ta from Manipur. In this Mahostav craftsmen demonstrates their abilities with sticks, swords and different trapeze artistry thinking their psyche and body.