Alarnath Temple

Ruler Alarnath, it is where Lord Vishnu is worshiped as Lord Alarnath. The ruler Alarnath is the delegate God of Lord Jagannath. This Temple is taking an imperative Part of Sri Jagannath Culture. Amid every one of the rulers are taking rests in segregation from whatever is left of the world subsequent to agony from fever called "Anasara/Anavasara" because of yearly showering celebration, every one of the gods are adore here. The divinity has four arms holding chakra, Lotus, Conch and club. Master Vishnu's transporter hawk, known as Garuda, stoops at the feet of the god with his hands collapsed in supplication position. The gods of Lord Krishna's rulers Rukmini and Satyabhama are additionally find inside the Temple. God of Lord Chaitanya is additionally found inside the Temple. There is a stone chunk before the divinity which bears impressions from Lord Chaitanya's body. At the point when Lord Chaitanya first lay in full regard before Lord Alarnath, the stone underneath Lord Chaitanya softened from His joyful touch. There is a lake behind the Temple where Chandan Yatra (Sandalwood Festival) is praised for 21 days consistently.

The Temple in Brahmagiri, which is around 23 km from Puri