Kedar Gouri Temple

Kedar Gouri Temple otherwise called Kedareswar, one of the Eight Astasambhu (Lord Shiva) Temples in Bhubaneswar. It is in the region of Kedar Gouri on the correct side of the street prompting Puri from Bhubaneswar and at a separation of 40 meters south of Mukteswar. It is one of the ten landmarks inside the area. It is the primary Temple of the complex. The Temple is confronting south and the cherished divinity is a round yonipitha made of sandstone. The linga at the inside is missing. The sanctum is 2.5 square meters which is 0.8 meters underneath the present ground. It remains close to the yard of the Mukteswar Temple.

It is situated at a distance of 03 km from Bhubaneswar Railway Station & 04 km from Airport.