Jahania Beach

Jahania shoreline is a delightful shoreline found 70kms far from Bhubaneswar and it is best place for Day outing spot for all kind of traveler. Place of worship Pir Jahania is arranged close to the shoreline. This place is the main place where both Hindu and Muslims results in these present circumstances put for taking gift of pir Jahania and Enjoying the shoreline. The dusk site of Pir Jahania shoreline fantastic for sightseers, exquisite and long sandy shoreline, pulls in guests to appreciate common landscape of the shoreline. In Pir Jahania guests can have sweeping perspective of the skyline which turns out to be astoundingly vivid amid nightfall, defending its name as “brilliant dusk”. A little market sits on the ocean shoreline where the angler gives away their gets to the holding up angle merchants.