Gangasagar Tourism is main stream everywhere throughout the world for the blessed shower Yatra or Ganga Snnan as said in the Mahabharata where a scholarly sage clarified the noteworthiness of taking plunge at the conversion of Gangasagar to Bhisma. Since that time this place has been viewed as the one of the holiest spots to scrub down. Gangasagar Tourism particularly falls on either fourteenth or fifteenth January consistently in which the aficionados play out their ceremonies and petition and take a plunge in the sacred Ganges. The plain idea driving this heavenly plunge amid Gangasagar Tourism is to wash down and to filter the spirit. Gangasagar Tourism is likewise well known everywhere throughout the world for the Kumbh Mela where aficionados in lakhs take heavenly dunk in the Ganges River. Gangasagar Tourism is made to where the Ganges streams into the Bay of Bengal encompassed by Sagara Island and Diamond Harbor at the conjunction of Ganges and Bay of Bengal.”Gangasagar Tourism” offers other Darshan like Gangasagar Tourism to Kapila Muni Temple, Gangasagar Yatra amid Makara-Sankranti.The guests to the heavenly goal of Sagar Island look for mukti (salvation) here. On the favorable event of Makar Sankranti, at some point amid winter (mid-January), explorers from the nation over meet up at Ganga Sagar to take a sacred plunge at the intersection of the stream Ganga and the Bay of Bengal.