Chandaka Elephant Reserve

The Chandaka Elephant Reserve offers full refreshment to your psyche and body both. It is a natural life save lying in the north western edge of Bhubaneswar in Orissa, is situated on the Khurda good countries of ‘Eastern Ghats’ biotic locale. Spread more than 193 sq km at the Chandaka woods, Khurda Uplands were assigned as the Chandaka Elephant Reserve in August 1982. It offers full feeling of more out of control excite and you get an interesting background altogether different from your everyday life. The save is a home to a sum of 30 assortments of warm blooded animals, 27 assortments of reptiles and 120 assortments of feathered creatures. You can likewise discover here the types of elephant, panther, chital, yapping deer, mouse deer, langur, rhesus monkey, mongoose, sloth bear, wolf and hyena, among others. Aside from that, the assortments of snakes like the python and the screen reptile are accessible here. Among others occupants here, are the Mugger crocodiles, water flying creatures, for the most part storks, heron, egrets and cormorants. There are two water repositories Deras Dam and Jhumka Dam, arranged inside the hold. For guests there are various watch towers like Kochilaberana, Pitagadia and Charichhak watch towers are great for perception of flying creatures and creatures, the ones at Kumarkhunti and Ambilo have the solace of rest houses where one can make a night end.

It is arranged at a separation of 13 km from Bhubaneswar Railway Station and 15 km from Airport. Closest transport stand barmunda.

         Nearest bus stop

                     Bhubaneswar bus stop

     Nearest Railway Station

             Bhubaneswar railway station 13 km

       Nearest Airport

                 Bhubaneswar airport  15 km