Mayurbhanj Tribal

Mayurbhanj is purely a tribal dist in Odisha majore tribal get to see at there like- Kolha, Santala, Bhuyan, Bathudi, Gonda etc. There is a unit of diversity all of them are distributed as in below:

  1. Santali – Bijatala
    2. Kolha – Jashipur
    3. Bhuyan/Bathudi – Karanjia
    4. Bhumija – Shamakhunta
    5. Gond – Sukruli
    6. Munda – Rairangpur
    7. Khadia/Lodha – Shuliapada/Morada

Tribals Language:

Their languages can be broadly classified as:

  1. Aryan
  2. Dravidian
  3. Munda or Austric

The Bathudi, Bhuyan, Saurti and Lodha belong to Aryan language-speaking community

The Kissam Koya and Oraon belonging to Dravidian-language-speaking clan are few in numbers in this district. The Munda tribes belong to Austric family and are the prime tribes and they do have own mother tongue.

The Tribal Script:

The tribal language is generally oral. But invention of four tribal languages made the development of tribal literature easy. Those languages are

1. The Script of Santali language – Alchiki
2. The Script of Saura language – Soradam Sompeom
3. Language of Mundha РHo
4. The Script of Kondh language – Kuilipi