Raygada Tribal

is where a large portion of individuals are living as an ancestral. It is situated at the area of Koraput in the province of Odisha, India. There are 64 kind of inborn are having in Odisha. There is a solidarity of decent variety in rance at convention, culture and dialect. Mostly innate resemble to live in slopes territory in Odisha, Raygada is outstanding amongst other slope station in Odisha. It is likewise little paradise and heaven for clans. Nearby individuals of Raygada is having a confidence that Raygada is devided into two names, for example, Raya implies a stone and gada implies openings . A considerable lot of innate ladies are doing work for controlling the family. All innate are gathering woods, wildernesses sustenance and hamburger for their family. All ancestral in Odisha are living around there of Koraput, Kandhamal, Raygada, Mayurbhanj, Balangir and so on.

Fair and Festivals at tribal’s tours


Tribs name                                 Festival name                                                         Timing of festival

Bagata                                                   Dasahara                                                                        Sept – Oct

Baiga                                                     Chaita nabami                                                               March – April

Banjara                                                 Guru Nabami dushahar                                               Sep – Oct

Bathudi                                                 Raja, kalipuja                                                                 June, Dec

Bhotada                                                Chaita parab, Nuakhai                                                  March, April, May

Bhumia                                                 Bali yatra, Budhi thakurani                                          March, April

Dongaria                                               Ghanta parab                                                                   March, April

Gadaba                                                  Bandhapatana parab                                                     July

Gond                                                      Chaitra parab                                                                   March, April

Kolohara                                               Karama Dushahara                                                         Sept, Oct

Koya                                                       Pusumpia                                                                          Sept, Oct