Daringbadi Hill Station

Daringbadi (slope station) is arranged 100 kms from Phulbani. It is a decent place for untamed life nature darling. This colorful place is talented with immense stretches of pine wilderness, espresso ranches and captivating valleys. This place is skilled with common excellence of pine wilderness, espresso manor and excellent valley. The tranquility of this place draws in numerous sightseers and nature sweethearts consistently.

Tourist attractions in and around Daringbadi

Hill View Park 

Hill View Park is major attraction of Daringbadi where whole of Daringbadi and neighborhood is visible. It is also have a watch tower, a children park and much more.

Coffee garden

This garden covered with tall silver oak trees and hot black pepper creepers. It is spread over 45 hectares of land and managed by soil conservation department, government of Odisha.

Pine forest

This forest is 2kms away from Daringbadi.  The Duluri River flows along the pine forest. Plantation was made in the early seventies by the forest department.

Emu Farm

This farm is a private farm with a big flock emu birds.

Dudubada (Lover’s point)

It is another place of tourist interest, 19kms away from Daringbadi. This place is surrounded with dense lush green forests and the river flows with a gush over rocks.

Mdiubanda waterfall

This forest is located 15kms away from Daringbadi. Mdiubanda waterfall is deep inside the forest with taking splendor.

The nearest railway station is Berhampur (120 km) & 251 km from Bhubaneswar.