Koraput Tribal

Koraput is a best visitor put and additionally a standout amongst the most delightful regions in odisha. Koraput with her moving mountains, undulating knolls, thundering rapids, charming cascade and terraced valley paving the way to verdant slopes, devours the eyes as couple of different areas can. Koraput with her brilliant fall and cloudy mornings of the rainstorm months, her painted spring and sleeping summer and her winter extending from furious to mellow gives assortments of living in various seasons which is uncommon somewhere else. Here in spring nature and man compete with each other to make living blissful. Koraput wilt individuals who have been living as they lived numerous thousand years prior and tolerating newcomers of the most recent advancement of homo-sapiens, with her clans who appreciate the delights of life today as they at any point did previously. Koraput has both vegetation and untamed life which would give long stretches of concentrate to the Biologist and boundless experience for the seeker. Being the core of ancestral belt in south Odisha, it has numerous slope stations like Machkund, Onukadelli, Jalaput, Chindri, Hatipathar (Deomali), Potangi and so forth are spots to visit for their grand magnificence. The Food and Agricultural Organization Koraput locale is partitioned into 2 sub-divisions and 14 pieces.

Tourist places at Koraput

Duduma:-The magnificent waterfall is falls from a height of 175 meters creating a beautiful sight in the process.

Bagra:-Three waterfalls of Kolab River at Bagra starting from Kilkura or the 300 feet Plato jump over one another with great speed from a height of 30 feet.

Deomali Peak – Deomali is highest and largest hill station which is the best nature lover destination in Koraput. Many tourists are coming here for adventure tour.

Joypur – 21 kms from Koraput. Ruins of old palaces are the importance of this place

Museum – A Govt. Museum with antiquities and craft works, mostly famous for Jain iconography is located in the town.

Tribal Museum  The Tribal Museum behind the temple caters to and educates the tourists about the culture and heritage of the tribal.

Gupteswar Temple – Cave shrine of Lord Shiva is situated on a lime stone hill on the bank of river Kolab, surrounded by natural Scenery.

How to reach

Bhubaneswar to Koraput 504 km by Road

Visakhapatnam to Koraput 220 km distance by road

Nearest railway station – Koraput railway station

Nearest airport – Visakhapatnam

The best time to visit is during winter.

It is a best picnic spot during Christmas and New Year.

There are watch towers with accommodation facilities that can be used when staying overnight in Deomali.