Mr. Bipin Kumar Paikaray, the founder of one of the Best tempo traveller in Odisha, Holidays Resorts Tours Transport Service. He is, even more, a travel sick who has a great penchant for traveling since childhood. To fulfill his strong desire he certainly decided to explore his own untamed home state Odisha (Orissa) first. He also joined an Odisha (Orissa) based travel company to fruitfy his wish. The inspiration he got from one of the memorable as well as difficult travel that was 6 years ago.

Best tempo traveller in Odisha

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The travel was to a high hill village inhabited by naked primitive Holidays Resorts Tours Transport Service The journey was on March, 2004 with two adventure tourists from US with intention of staying overnight in Holidays Resorts Tours Transport Service to see their daily life. Before traveling to unknown destinations we undecide whether to take a local guide or not but at last moment I decided to take a local guide as many told us it is not advisable go and stay in Holidays Resorts Tours Transport Service are very aggressive in nature particularly on Thursday they remain in inebriated condition.