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Shree Jagannath Mahaprabhu leader of the Universe is the unique solace and watchman heavenly attendant of unlimited fans the world over. since time immemorial, His excellent and brilliant spots of love at Shree Purusottam-Kshetra (Puri, Odisha) one of the four essential Dhamas of India has been a most blessed point of convergence of voyage and love symbolizing and exchanging a standout amongst other powerful and social inheritances of the world. The territory of this stage is in excess of 4,20,000 sq.ft. The divider is punctured by four doors ,confronting the four bearings. On the east-bound door, there are stone pictures of two lions and it is known as the Lions Gate. It is intriguing to take note of that extraordinary respect is appeared to this trip of twenty-two stages. The technique for arrangement is most clean and the customary procedure of readiness of sustenance for such a significant number of individuals in so short a period, overwhelms many. To one side, we have the Ananda Bajara which is the well known name of the sustenance offering market inside the fenced in area. Ananda Bajara truly implies, the joy advertise.