Jagannath Temple

The Prime Attraction Of The Pilgrim Destination Is The Lord Jagannath Shrine That Belongs To twelfth Century. The Great Spectacular Temple Built By Ananta Verman Chodaganga Dev On The Charming Seashore Attracted The Notice Of All Hindus. The Presence Of Lions At The Entrance Of The Temple Called Singhadwara Is The Most Significant Feature Of Kalinga Architecture. Jagannath Temple Covers An Area Of About 10 Acres And Stands On 8 Meter Elevated Nila Parvat. Jagannath Temple is Very Popular for Car celebration. The Same Event Is Being Repeated Every Year. The Festival Held Every Year on the Full Moon Day in the Sacred Months of June to July Also Known As snana Purnima in Hindu logbook. It is the holy adventure of ruler Jagannath with Brother Balabhadra and Sister Subhadra from the Jagannath Temple to another Shrine called ‘Gundicha mandir’ Where The Deities Stay For Nine Days.