Chilika Lake (Satapada)

Chilka Lake is Asia’s Biggest Lake Which is most mainstream in India. Chilka Lake (Satapada) is a harsh water tidal pond Located On The eastern shores of the lake, it is arranged 50 KMS from Puri. The lake and its reed islands overflow with settling winged animals white bellied ocean falcons, ospreys, brilliant plovers, sand flute players, flamingos, pelicans, shovellers, gulls, incorporate transitory ones flying extraordinary separations from Iran, Central Asia and Siberia. Chilka Lake is being dealt with as the genuine heaven for the winged animal darlings and ornithologists since the entire region pulls in expansive number of oceanic flying creatures ideally in winters for the transitory checks. The significant species that can be seen as White bellied ocean birds, Graylag geese, purple moorhen, flamingo jacana and herons. Chilka Lake Bird Temple is likewise a habitant of one of greatest rearing spots of flamingos on the planet.